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To undertake research and find answers more and more people are turning digital and searching online. Often challenged by mobility issues, the reliance to access information online is even more important for those with lymphoedema.

Our articles aims to meet this need and is fast becoming the go to place for those with lymphoedema who are seeking information on treatment options, health tips and resources.

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To keep our articles relevant, up to date and interesting we are always looking for informative content from lymphoedema health professionals and service providers who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with our lymphoedema community.

If you love writing, want to share what you know with others and are looking to build your reputation and credibility as an expert in your field, we encourage you to consider writing a guest article.

So, what is a Guest Article writer?

Guest articles is where you write original content for a website that you don’t own or host. In each article you share your insight, ideas, tips, and suggestions with readers of our articles.

Our readers will value your expertise and they are more likely to use or refer business to you.

You’ll also get to star in your field, with LAQ guest article writers allocated a particular niche or focus area to write about, it means you are not jostling hundreds of similar businesses for precious eyeball attention. You get the big solo in the spotlight for your niche rather than merely being one member of the choir.

The value of being a Guest Article Writer

Beside supporting those with Lymphoedema by sharing your expertise and knowledge, guest blogging is a valuable benefit for your online profile and presence. You would pay an SEO company a few hundred $ a month to deliver the same results.

In addition, LAQ articles also opens doors to other guest spots. Other guest spots within your niche often want to know where else your work has appeared before they will run your material. By listing that you are a regular columnist with LAQ and providing a link to your content on the LAQ article, it opens doors to highly prized (and high traffic) articles & blogs in your niche area.

How to maximise your Guest Article

Here’s a few tips to getting the best results from being a guest article writer:

  • Always stick to your general niche/focus area. Google looks for signals about you and your business by drawing on every piece of data on the net about you. If you flip between writing about cats in one post and yoga in the next, you make it hard for Google to identify your business focus.
  • Focus on common questions/issues. With the move to Semantic Search, it pays to target your posts on common issues/problems/hot topic areas your potential clients may be facing. These fare better in search results than general opinion pieces.
  • Share your articles. Share each, and every one of your articles with your social networks. Try and trigger reader engagement either on the LAQ blog or in your own social media presence about the article. Google loves social media engagement when assessing what is important on the net.
  • Answer discussion points and comments. If someone comments on your posts – answer them! It is not only polite, but it can also trigger more discussion (which Google loves … are you seeing a pattern here?).
  • Guest articles are just part of your business visibility strategy on the net. It is the online equivalent of handing out your business card. It is the start and not the end of the conversation.

How to become an LAQ Guest Article Writer

If you’re excited about the possibilities and are interested in guest Blogging for LAQ or have any questions, please call us on 0403 782 795 or send us an email.