Public Health Services

Information about the public health system and related services.

If you have lymphoedema and hold a Medicare card you are eligible to use Queensland’s free health care system.

However, it’s important to note that not all of Queensland’s Public Hospitals provide lymphoedema services. (See the current list where services are available below).

When using the public health system there will be a waiting list with times varying from region to region and you may require a referral from your GP or medical specialist to access the system.

Which hospitals provide lymphoedema services?

Due to the ebb and flow of State Government funding the availability of lymphoedema services within the Queensland’s Public Hospital system is under constant change.

So, in the first instance it would be best to contact your local or regional hospital to enquire via their Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy Departments if they provide lymphoedema services.

Alternatively, you can speak to your GP about what lymphoedema services and treatments are available to you via Queensland’s free health care system.

What if my local hospital service doesn’t offer lymphoedema services?

If your closest Hospital and Health Services (HHS) is unable to provide lymphoedema services, you may be eligible for Subsidised Travel Support to transport you to your nearest private or public service provider through the Queensland Patient Transit Scheme.

Additional lymphoedema services.

  • If you hold a Medicare card you may also be able to access support for allied health services (5 subsidised treatments) through a GP under a chronic disease management plan.
  • Depending on where you are located and your personal circumstances you may also be able to access Medicare support for lymphoedema treatment via Telehealth Services.
  • Assistance with the ongoing cost of compression garments for lymphoedema is available through Queensland Health for both private and public services. You can find the eligibility criteria here.


Lymphoedema/Oncology Hospital and Health Service list: