Node News Editorial Content

Our e-magazine Node News has established itself as the go to resource for the lymphoedema community in Queensland.

Each edition is packed with informative articles aimed at providing guidance, information, care management techniques and resources to those coping with lymphoedema and other lymphatic conditions.


About Our Readers

Our readers gain much insight into their condition through the articles published in Node News, they value and utilise the knowledge and expertise shared in articles.

If you are sitting on information, techniques and ideas that could help educate, guide and support those with lymphoedema or associated lymphatic conditions having your article published in Node News is the vehicle that will take your knowledge to the wider community.

Circulated electronically Node News is promoted extensively across our social media platforms, providing maximum engagement and exposure for author’s and the information contained in their articles.


How To Submit An Editorial Article

After reading our ‘Editorial Deadlines and Guidelines’ below, submit your editorial article by using our form below.


Editorial Guidelines

1. Editorial submissions must be informative, educational, or newsworthy. It can include tips, strategies, ideas, techniques, case studies, analysis, opinions, and commentary.

2. Articles are to be written in second or third person, avoid personal pronouns such as “I”, “My”, “We” and “Us”. Use “You” language or third person, for example “He”, “She”, “It” or “They”.

3. The combined Word Count of your Intro Text, Main Text and Concluding Paragraph must NOT exceed 700 words.

4. Editorial space in Node News is run at no charge and therefore no reference of business or company names are to be referred to in the body of articles.

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5. Editorial submitted by those who are not current members of LAQ will only be given consideration if paid display advertising has also been booked.

​If you have questions or wish to discuss the suitability of an editorial article prior to making your submission, please call M: 0403 782 795 or click here to use our Enquiry form.