Meet The Support Group Ambassadors

Brisbane North

Uff. Hon. Teresa Gambaro 0498 498 718

A passionate advocate for medical research in Australia, Teresa is the President of the Lymphoedema Association of Qld. In this role she is at the forefront of lifting the profile of the organisation whilst raising awareness and understanding of a medical condition that affects the lives of more than 300,000 Australians.

Logan & Gold Coast

Jess Billiau 0408 781 914

Jess is a Remedial-Lymphatic Therapist (with a Nursing and Educational background) who works with people from all walks of life and a multitude of health issues; from minor to chronic and life threatening conditions, pre/post surgery and DNA healing.  She heals bodies and counsels minds to create balance and leave you feeling healthier, stronger and more positive.  Jess has a great knowledge of lymphoedema and lipoedema as she has these conditions herself.  As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”  It’s important to keep challenging ourselves to improve who we are, so we can live more holistically.

Brisbane East

Pam O’Connor 0403 683 963

Pam is the Ambassador for Brisbane’s eastside. She has secondary lymphoedema in her right leg. After a background in journalism spanning 30 years, her lymphoedema diagnosis sparked a career change to become a lymphoedema therapist to understand how to manage her condition and help others as well. Pam is applying her journalism skills to good use as Node News Editor, delivering the latest happenings to LAQ members in a quarterly newsletter. She loves catching up with other lymphies over a cuppa, listening to their journeys and sharing management tips. An avid photographer, she’s often seen capturing moments at LAQ events, but is rather shy in front of the camera.

Moreton Bay

Nerida Smith OAM 0412 498 106

I am a great believer in the benefit of peer support for people living with chronic conditions giving opportunity for interaction and shared experiences.

Immediate past President LAQ, Brisbane Support Group Coordinator 25 years. Secondary Lymphoedema left leg over 50 years.


Olga Beath 0429 877 100

I joined the support group in 1994 and was one of the first four to join, not much was known about lymphoedema back then. We started our garment fund with a donation from the Tyrian Lodge in Bundaberg and I took over as coordinator in 2000.  I am pleased to have been involved with this group and help others obtain much needed garments  and information over the years.

A support community is so important as at times it can be overwhelming. I look forward to speaking to you at our next meeting.