Our events focus on two areas: Assisting, resourcing and educating those with Lymphoedema to better understand and manage their condition, as well as fundraising and social type of events aimed at financially supporting the delivery of our services across Queensland.

To support those with lymphoedema and provide access to information and resources each year we hold 50+ Support Group Meetings. Free to attend, these meetings provide a safe and caring environment where those with lymphoedema can meet with like-minded people and exchange health tips, treatment options and learn invaluable techniques to assist with self-care and management.

Our event schedule also includes fundraising and social events.

These events help to raise awareness about lymphoedema and generally focus on providing attendees with entertainment and fun. Often with a theme, the ticket sales, raffle prizes and merchandise sold at these events support the work done by our charity.

Run either directly by the Lymphoedema Association of QLD or by generous businesses and organisations in the community who choose to donate the proceeds of their fundraising events to our charity, these events play a vital role in raising the funds required for the continuation of our services and community programs throughout Queensland.​

We look forward to your involvement and participation in our future events.